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Everest Base Camp Treks

10 Dec, 2019

Mt Everest climbing has proved to be a benchmark of climbing achievement. The mountain receives around 1000 summit attempts every year. Everest can be climbed both from the southern side of Nepal and the northern side of Tibet. After the Cultural Revolution in the 1950s, China closed the Tibet borders to outsiders and then Nepal began welcoming foreigners to the Everest Region. Since then the southern approach to the mountain via the Khumbu Valley became popular among the climbers. Mt. Everest was first summited in 1953 by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary via the south col (sharp-edged col between Mount Everest and Lhotse) climbing Mt. Everest is certainly a lifetime opportunity. However, the Everest expedition encounters many seen and unseen obstacles including high altitude, harsh weather conditions, and even sheer exhaustion. Therefore we strive hard to conduct the best expedition program putting high importance on the safety aspects of the climb.
Despite being the highest mountains on planet Earth, the Himalayan range of mountains including Mt. Everest are relatively younger than their American and European counterparts like the Andes, the Alps, and the Rockies. The Everest has fascinated the Mountaineers all over the world since the European climbers discovered the Everest when Tibet was opened to outsiders in the 1920s. During his lecture tour to the U.S. in 1923, George Mallory gave the reason behind his interest in Everest Expedition quipping, because it’s there’. Unfortunately, Malloy and Irvine disappeared high on the mountain in 1924 probably due to a snow storm similar to the documented by Jon Krakauer in his book into the Thin Air. We believe that our planning, logistics, staffing, and experience coupled with your enthusiasm, patience, and perseverance would help you achieve your lifetime dream.

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